Cascade Angels Fund Invests $125K in Portland-based Scratch-it. Overall Investment in Bend Venture Conference is Currently $870,000.

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BEND, OR – November 18, 2015 – Cascade Angels Fund announced today that the Fund has invested $125K in Portland-based start-up Scratch-it. The company provides a platform to design, build and host reveal-based marketing messages. Customers include Travelocity, Dunkin Donuts, Lenovo, Buca di Beppo, Burberry, and ASDA.

"The Bend Venture Conference Growth Stage finalists gave Cascade Angels access to five potential investments and this one pushes the overall BVC investment to $870,000," said Julie Harrelson, CEO of Harrelson Group, which serves as the Fund Manager for Cascade Angels. "We are pleased to be investors in Scratch-it."

Brian Vierra, Catalyst Manager for EDCO said, "All five finalists in the BVC Growth Stage received funding this year. This is the second year we have accomplished this and it is a key differentiating factor from other conferences, which typically award investments to one or two companies at most."

Cascade Angels 2015 Fund grew to $725,000 this year, a 58% increase over the 2014 fund. The mission of the Cascade Angels Fund is to create statewide opportunities for investors and businesses in and with connections to Central Oregon to drive economic growth and fuel prosperity. Cascade Angels Fund is sponsored by Bank of the Cascades, Jones & Roth, Karnopp Petersen LLP, and Harrelson Group.

"Cascade Angels is a key investor for us," said Robert Haydock, CEO of Scratch-it. "The Cascade Angels investment is a critical milestone for our company."

About Scratch-it

Portland-based Scratch-it is an enterprise-class cloud platform for reveal marketing that increases traffic and engagement. Reveal marketing is marketing strategy that requires the recipient of a marketing message to actively participate in uncovering a hidden message. Scratch-it's reveal marketing platform has been shown to raise engagement by 3x, make messages stand out, drive more clicks in a creative way, and use interactivity to convert leads. Learn more at

About Cascade Angels Fund

Cascade Angels Fund 2014, LLC and Cascade Angels Fund 2015, LLC (Cascade Angels) are based in Central Oregon. Our mission is to create opportunities for investors and businesses in and with connections to Central Oregon to drive economic growth and fuel prosperity. The fund idea emerged out of the Bend Venture Conference. We are committed to building Oregon's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Learn more at and

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*Membership in the Cascade Angels Fund 2015 is by referral and invitation only. Angel and venture investments involve a high degree of risk. Participation in the Cascade Angels Fund 2015 is limited to "accredited investors," as defined by the general rules and regulations of the Securities Act of 1933 and of the Securities and Exchange Commission AND to investors who have such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters that they are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of prospective investments.

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