Entrepreneurs Invited to Apply at Gust.com

Cascade Angels is encouraging launch stage companies who are seeking investment capital to apply for such investment on Gust.com. Cascade Angels holds rolling application rounds for launch stage companies who are seeking investment capital. Though the fund will announce application deadlines, Cascade Angels' profile on Gust.com will be updated with the current application information. The fund anticipates investing in 1-6 companies in each fund year.

Gust provides entrepreneurs with the ability to apply for funding through Cascade Angels Fund and allows its members to view information on companies applying for investment. 

Cascade Angels mission is to create opportunities for investors and businesses in Oregon to drive economic growth and fuel prosperity.

“Cascade Angels is an important vehicle for elevating Oregon entrepreneurship,” said Harrelson. “We can reward the spirit and drive of entrepreneurs who seek to grow their businesses and highlight Central Oregon’s potential for generating wealth and job growth in our state.”


Investment Fund: 
2015 Investment